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Eyas Class For the Cultivation of Young Marx Nationalists2017-03-09 00:00:00
How to promote Marxist scientific theory among college freshmen who born after 1995 who are younger, more active and open? Since December, 2014, college committee began to found “ E yas C lass”, which aims to cultivate those freshmen and entries point with authentic problems. Through which, enthusiasm of those freshmen was delighted.
An interview on the members  2016.11
Guide students to learn  "four correct understanding"
     At the beginning, college committee clearly positioned “Qingma Project” as a duty orientation, and regarded ideology and politics as a core assignment. “When I first went into the university, I said goodbye with formal simple learning life and what I would face with is polybasic ideology, which made me confused about my future”, Song Haomin, the first student in this class, said.
      Mei Sijia, the college committee secretary said, “ E yas C lass” can make students know the development of the world and China through the teaching mode of communicating with the secretary and one meeting every period. In the 80 th  anniversary of the victory of the Long March and the 150 th  birthday of Sun Yat-sen, we discuss about this theme, let students know the relationship between their responsibility and historical mission through the activities and communication.
      The first students become the junior just now, but the proportion of being communists has rose up to 43.75%. And the second students are the important ones that become communists. “In a sense, this is a success of our work”, Mei said.
A session with excellent students cadres 2016.11
Attract students with  a popular way
     “I have experienced the work about scientific creation, so that I can help those who want to apply research project and who want to join the competition of “Challenging Cup”. Qian Chengmin, the class mentor and undersecretary, introduced his research direction to the students. Students can choose the course by their own will, which is one of the advantages of this class.
      In order to practice their oral ability , then teacher may let s tudents make speeches in public .   To cultivate their writing ability , t hey  should  collect the news script about some big activities .  It adapts small class to teach, because it is useful to improve students’ flexibility and creation. “The proportion that students in this class take charge in students union as cadres is 100%, among which, the first students became members of chairman community is about 50%. Many of them are the winners of national excellent summer social practice, city poetry contest award, city college drama contest”, the class teacher, Su Fen g qi said.
Instructors teaching in special 2016.12
Cultivate and drive a group of good students
     Recently, it held in the 2016 Eyas Class opening ceremony, vice chairman of the students,Zhou Huiting, the students who shared her learning experience in former classes and said: "I am not only consciously use the theory of mind, but also time preaching theory, it makes me grow soon."
Zhou Huiting said the "regular preaching", refers to the micro class instructors of college students college class to create "relying on the eagles". Through the collective preparation form, to provide students as an assistant instructor of full participation in the preparation of material, enhance the level of theory, the eagles students with theoretical knowledge in the process, with a vivid case, the "micro class" teaching plan prepared theme, form, content extensive refining. Organize the meeting, focus on learning, class communication channels such as content presentation, "micro class instructors" point, step by step, expand the publicity way of the Tsing Ma project ", to achieve the" good effect of elite driven ".
S tudents and instructors talk intimately 2016.12
I just want to say: good, my Eyas Class! Their careful thinking, good expression, as well as their aspirations and the future of the motherland, all linked to the "tall", all let me for the eagles classes full of expectation." A new flutter class students, Fu Yihang from the nursing department said.